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Migrating a WordPress Site from Yahoo

After a long, arduous process, my new WordPress site is live! I was warned that building a new site using Yahoo, my current host, could be tough, let along migrating it to a more suitable host. We were able to load WordPress and build it on a staging site on Yahoo, but we were told that Yahoo doesn’t support WordPress. So we decided to move the hosting to A Small Orange. The migration was tricky – but thanks to the amazing skills of programmer Steven Do and the support of developer Melody Sharp – it was finally accomplished. Thanks to Hedi Label for helping me with the design. I had a blast collaborating with Hedi on the creative design of the new site and picking photos.

Now I just have to add the title tags and page descriptions for each page fo SEO – which I can do myself. For several years I was first on the page of search results for “Marketing Santa Cruz” — but due to not keeping it fresh I’ve fallen a few spots. I’m interested to see how that shakes out.

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