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Creative Marketing to Make Your Brand Shine

We'll make your brand shine, then help you to out-shine your competitors and attract new clients with cost-effective marketing services. With 25+ years in marketing, Bond Marketing Communications is your one-stop-shop for marketing in Santa Cruz, CA and the Central Coast. Services include: branding/corporate ID, copywriting, website development, event promotion, sales materials, and PR.

Upset your competitors' apple carts: contact us for fresh marketing ideas!


You need clear and, compelling, and key-word rich copy for websites and sales materials that engages and motivates your prospects to take action. Whether it’s an website, blog post, or press release, Patti Bond will create copy your clients can sink their teeth into.


An effective website starts with a strategic plan, not a template. Santa Cruz marketing consultant and writer Patti Bond will help you define your objectives, audience, functionality, and keywords to bring traffic to your site.  Let's get your creative juices flowing!


PR is a powerful way to increase your company’s visibility and generate goodwill. Santa Cruz marketing pro & publicist Patti Bond has strong relationships with media and knows how to get your story, news, or event exposure.  Contact Patti to refresh your image.


"Working with Patti has helped me streamline my marketing plan for my new business. I feel like I am working with a copywriter, master marketer, motivational speaker and publicist all rolled into one! If you want your business to succeed but feel overwhelmed, then hire Patti!"
-- Jennifer Brewer, Principal, Nourishing Nutrition & Fitness


"Patti Bond has consistently and thoughtfully positioned our company for maximum PR exposure, and has been extremely successful at it. She is easy to communicate with, works for all her clients all the time, and builds productive media relationships. She is an invaluable member of our marketing team, and gets us real results. I can't recommend her highly enough."   -- Sarah Miles, Marketing Director, New Leaf Community Markets


Dave 129 pixes"I’ve worked with Patti for the last five years. She has provided me with a multitude of excellent services around my marketing communications strategy and execution. Her writing ability is fabulous - taking my raw ideas and turning them into readable, personal expressions on my blog and website. She is timely in her service delivery and great to do business with. I highly recommend her."  – Dave Arnold, Arnold Partners Strategic CFO Search